The Birds Are Coming Archive

Digital Painting, Print on Duraclear, Web Archive, LightBox, Qr Code



"The Birds Are Coming Archive" is an installation in the form of 8 lightboxes and an interactive web Archive. The work curates the last known photographs and investigation Archives of birds accused of suspicious migration and border crossings. Due to their anarchic migratory activities, their flights have been interpreted as an attack on the nowness of our "civilized" contemporary world and as a result of which they have been 'neutralized'. The work evokes their ghosts through this Archive, and they rise back from the dead, to create an insurgency against our notions of civilization. These birds and their ecologies address the conception of borders and critically references the number of resources that are dedicated to constructing, observing, and regulating borders. Furthermore, by employing humour the work challenges the archives of surveillance and interrogation which are amassed around these spaces. It seeks to question how paranoiac labelling of types - a taxonomy of terror - is constructed and associated with the border and the "other" beyond such border/s. The web archive can be accessed at

Web Archive Link