The Hymnal

Arduino, Weather Api, Stepper Motors, Steel, Iron, Marker, Paper, Wood



After the MQ-9 Reaper drone crashed huge speculations were made about its crash and failure. Most popularly it is believed and professed that a power failure caused it to malfunction and drop from the sky. What has been kept a secret is such a power failure was/could have been instigated by birds hitting the drone. Though such collisions are very unlikely but it is said that due to sudden incomprehensible movements and changes in unknown elements of air, the birds could have lost their track therefore resulting in a collision with the drones flying nearby. Such sudden changes in the atmosphere could have been as speculated a result of an atmospheric chain reaction whose beginning could have been the sky of any nation. This machine plots the data generated as a result of sudden changes in the unnamed elements of air of different nations. Its aim is to archive possible future disturbances by continuously monitoring significant and alarming changes in the unnamed elements of air. It plots the data of such disturbances as a drawing.

Video Documentation