Anday Chai Garam Ham Hai Besharam

Interactive Two Channel Video, Installation, Projection, Kinect Sensor



Hot Eggs tea, And shameless we

Work Description

The two-channel interactive video comprises of found footages which are taken from a Bollywood film Jaagruti and a Pakistani film called Bedaar. Both the video songs make references to heroes, martyrs, landscapes of national importance and abstract ideas of heroism and valour. When played in a two-channel format, their audio-video exhibits an uncanny resemblance which humorously overlaps, cross-references, problematizes and puts to erasure their own narratives. Such absurd, humourous and uncanny hyper-nationalist self-praise and self-proclamation is a common experience especially in the politics of India and Pakistan.  The viewers' body which is transposed on to the video using a sensor further creates the tension between the video and the viewer especially when viewed in a collective. The pixelated and rupturing presence of the viewers in the video evokes the questions of gaze, docile citizens, the viewer and the viewed in juxtaposition with the uncanny absurdity of the two-channel video and its hyper-nationalist narrative. The title is a common pun often used in reference to hyper-nationalism and their agents. 

Video Documentation