Accidentally Miraculous Everyday From That Heaven

Photogrammetry, Print on Aluminium Dibond, Etching on Steel Plate, Video Projection



“Accidentally Miraculous Everyday from that Heaven” is a video installation consisting of a multi-channel video projection, prints and text etched on steel. It uses the photogrammetry technique to stitch together a collection of two-dimensional images into three-dimensional reconstructions of people living in a state of exception. The stitching of images, possible at some points and at some points broken and fractured acts as an allegory of the impossible stitch, behind which the stories, histories and the regional figures are no longer accessible. Their stories, everyday lives and voices linger between the void, the sayable and the unsayable. Yet, the work creates a sensibility - of what it is to live, to experience and make sense in and of the state of exception. These stories of everyday and their fractured reconstructions offer a meditation, on what happens when nothing happens. They move away from the presentation of images through a singular perspective towards reconstructions that dwell on abstraction, inconsistencies and overlapping of multiple points perspectives.

Video Documentation